West Virginia Environmental Education Association (WVEEA)

WVEEA is a group of Educators, non-profit organizations and associations, teachers, government personnel, and citizens who share an appreciation of the benefits of environmental education for West Virginia's students.

Breaking News and Updates

WVEEA is hosting an Environmental Educator "meeting of the minds" on March 18, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the NYSF Center for STEM Education (formerly Canaan Valley Institute), 494 Riverstone Rd, Davis WV 26260.  This free, one-day event will include an introductions to the national Eco-Schools program, a discussion of environmental education requirements in Next Gen Science Standards, and how WVEEA can help teachers meet those standards.  Also, networking and information sharing and the annual WVEEA business meeting.

What Are The Goals of WVEEA?

OUR GOAL is to keep WV Environmental Education professionals and teachers connected with each other across the state.

How Does WVEEA Support Teachers?

  • Connect you with knowledgeable environmental professionals and resources, locally and throughout the state.
  • Alert you to environmental partnerships and opportunities available to teachers and educators.
  • Workshops like Project WET, Project Wild and Wild Aquatic, Project Learning Tree, Growing Up Wild, and Flying Wild.
  •  Grants and grant writing assistance workshops.
  • Things we haven’t thought of that you could use!  What would be helpful to you?  Contact us and let us know!

How Can I Be Involved?

Contact one of the people below and say you'd like to join WVEEA!  We'd love to get you working with others in the state.

Who Can Tell Me More About What WVEEA Is Doing?

Kim Maxwell, Project WET,                                                                                              kimberly.a.maxwell@wv.gov

Ellen Murphy, Potomac Valley Audubon Society, Ellen@PotomacAudubon.org

Vicki Fenwick-Judy, The Mountain Institute,                                            vfenwick@mountain.org

Sara Prior, WVDEP,                                                                          sara.a.prior@wv.gov 

Alyssa Hanna, Canaan Valley Institute,                             alyssa.hanna@canaanvi.org 

Kellee Waddell, The Mountain Institute,                                      kwaddell@mountain.org   

Who Is Involved in WVEEA?

Cacapon Institute     ~     Canaan Valley Institute     ~     Potomac Valley Audubon Society     ~     The Mountain Institute     ~     WV Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP)       ~     WV Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR)     ~     WV Division of Forestry (WVDOF)

Resources and Tidbits for Teachers and Professionals

Are you thinking you might pursue a degree in Environmental Sciences?  Here's a good resource for you: Affordable Colleges Online

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Yankauer Nature Preserve (Berkeley County)
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Kristin Alexander, Executive Director //   304-676-3397 

Ellen Murphy, Program Specialist //    

Krista Hawley, Adult Program Coordinator
// 703-303-1026

Bridget Tinsley, Land and Watershed Program Manager // 304-261-6016

Amy Moore, Cool Spring Preserve Manager and Naturalist // 240-818-4714
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