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Posey Hollow (Sp,S,F)

General Description. Posey Hollow and the road of the same name run North-South along the western base of Sleepy Creek Mountain in Morgan County, WV. Sunrise comes late to this valley due to the looming mountain’s shade. A mixture of forest and agricultural lands dot the valley creating a great deal of edge habitat. Once the spring migrants begin to pour through the area during the later half of April, the valley comes alive with the singing of these songbirds. All of the land along the road is privately owned, so please stay on the roads from which there are plentiful viewing opportunities.

White-breasted NuthatchSeasonal Variation in Birding. With the arrival of the Neo-tropical migrants in the spring, the bird life in the valley is amazing. Yellow-breasted Chat, Yellow Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, orioles of both species and many more provide wonderful birding opportunities around every corner. The real draw for this valley is not necessarily the diversity of the bird life but the quantity of bird life present. Perhaps even surpassing the Wildlife Management lands just to the east in the density of birds per hectare. All of the woodpecker species that can be found in this region are here as well as a selection of flycatchers: Eastern Wood-Pewee, Acadian, Eastern Phoebe, Great-crested and Eastern Kingbird. Warbler species breeding in the valley include Blue-winged, Ovenbird, Worm-eating, Kentucky, Yellow, American Redstart, Northern Parula, Louisiana Waterthrush, Black-and-white, and Yellow-breasted Chat. Many more species are found here during the period of migration from mid-April through late May.

Fall migration birding can be very rewarding in this valley. From mid-September through late October there is a wonderful diversity of birds moving through the fields and forests. Watch for the mixed flocks that form during this time of year. You never know what you may find. Lincoln’s sparrows have been observed from the road in the weedy edges of fields in appropriate habitats.

Directions: Posey Hollow Road lies between Hampshire Grade Road at the South to Winchester Grade Road to the North. To get to the north end of the road, travel from the intersection of route 9 and route 522 in Berkeley Springs, head south on 522 for 3.5 miles and turn left onto Green Gate Road. Follow Green Gate for 1.1 miles and turn right onto Winchester Grade Road.  Follow Winchester Grade Road for 5 miles and then turn left onto Potomac Road.  Potomac Road becomes Posey Hollow Road in just 0.7 miles. Posey Hollow road continues 4.9 miles to Hampshire Grade/Shanghai Road.

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